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Our Company

MCD Project Services started operations in 2021 to provide exceptional project staff and business recruitment services in Ireland and the UK. As an extension of our Australian business, MCD, which has a proven track record since its inception in 2017, we bring decades of combined experience and a global perspective to the Irish market.

Our Roots and Expertise
MCD Project Services were established in 2017 by a dedicated team of construction professionals, boasting a remarkable 30 years of combined experience in the construction industry across Ireland, UK, New Zealand and Australia. Our Australian counterpart has successfully delivered major infrastructure projects for Tier one contractors, maintaining a reputation for excellence and reliability.

Global Presence
With operational bases in Ireland, UK and Australia, MCD  extends this global reach to Ireland, enriching the local industry with the same standards of excellence and proficiency.

Our Company Vision

Forging Connections

Our focus is on cultivating relationships, encouraging stakeholder engagement, and achieving robust commercial outcomes that effectively mitigate costs for our clients.

Constant Advancement

We are dedicated to a never-ending process of learning and adapting, positioning ourselves in line with future trends and market expectations. Our ability to pursue improvement is the bedrock of sustaining our standing as market leaders.

Pursuit of Excellence

Leveraging the depth of knowledge and understanding from our past, we work to provide our clients with invaluable professional consulting along with unmatched customer service. By combining our knowledge, we can map a route for excellence.

Embracing Innovation and Efficiency

We are resolute in our mission to offer inventive, resourceful, cost-efficient construction methodologies that optimize and streamline every facet of our endeavors.

Our Commitment

At MCD Project Services, we take immense pride in our role as a facilitator of opportunities for exceptional talent across different construction disciplines. Our commitment echoes that of our Australian counterpart, MCD Project Services, as we diligently extend our efforts to provide a platform for top tier professionals, including site engineers, project engineers, construction managers, surveyors and more.

Cultivating Expertise: Just as we have invested dedicated time and effort into nurturing the growth of our current and former engineers, and we continue to be firm in our commitment to fostering the growth of our experts.

Empowerment through Experience: Our company centers around enriching our talent with hands-on experience and guided mentorship to guide their journey towards excellence in the construction industry. MCD Project Services is committed to developing the skills of our talent, providing them with the tools they need to excel in their construction careers.

Inclusive Excellence: Our dedication to excellence transcends individual backgrounds. Just as we are proud of our Australian business’ commitment, we stand by our commitment to offer equal opportunities to talent from diverse origins. Everyone is provided an equitable platform to not only thrive personally but also to excel professionally within our organization.

What We Can Do

Empowering Your Projects: At MCD Project Services, we stand ready to empower your projects for success.
Empowering Our People: Just as in our Australian operations, we recognize that our most invaluable resource is our people. We believe that their expertise, dedication and collaborative spirit form our success.
A Culture of Collaboration: MCD Project Services acknowledges that excellence, dependability, effective communication and success are the results of close collaboration with both our clients and candidates. This partnership-driven approach is the bedrock of our operations.
Nurturing Healthy Relationships: We are firm in our commitment to nurturing robust and enduring relationships. Just as our Australian business thrives on fostering healthy associations, we at MCD Project Services are dedicated to cultivating relationships that contribute to mutual growth and prosperity.
Transcending Boundaries for Success: We are bringing the MCD Project Services spirit to Ireland; we stand firm in our dedication to success. We offer a comprehensive suite of services that mirror our Australian operations, with a promise to forge partnerships, maximize potential and deliver quality projects. By extending our hands to work hand-in-hand, we are ready to make the difference together.

Why Choose Us

Multidisciplinary Engineering Expertise

MCD Project Services brings forth a wealth of multi-disciplinary engineering proficiency. Our understanding of construction methodologies and project management spans far and wide, ensuring a comprehensive approach to your project’s success.

A Dynamic Collaboration

Just as in our Australian operations, we are here to forge a robust partnership with contractors. From providing estimating and strategic programming to seamless project delivery and recruitment services.

Assurance of Excellence

Our proven track record in Major Project Delivery speaks for itself. Drawing from our extensive experience, we possess the background required for not just successful but exemplary project outcomes. Our talent pool has the background to ensure that the right expertise is at your disposal, every step of the way.

A Promise to Excellence

The values of striving for excellence, reliability and effective communication are the foundation of our operations. Just as we aim for nothing less than excellence in all we do. We are committed to delivering results you can rely on, backed by transparency and efficient communication.

Recruitment Services

MCD provides Civil Construction Recruitment Services for contract and permanent staff.

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